Peter jakob kühn quarzit 2007 – nice starter with fresh acidity and this typical stinky pjk nose

1st flight

1.1 granville cuvee royale negoce – malt, soil, iodine, rather thin, not very harmonious, not much fun to drink, more or less over the hill

1.2 chateau de vaudieu – same malty and earthy flavours with slightly metallic undertones which disappeared with some air. well-rounded sweetness and some eau de vie de kirsch, slightly too much alcohol on the palate, apparently some splendour left, but the wine has been declining for years already

1.3 domaine de st. prefert – watery, metallic, some malt, under these layers some hints of fruit, light-weighed, weakest wine of the flight

2nd flight

2.1 Vignobles lucien barrot – attractive nose, sweet, malty, develops medicinal flavours and dried herbs, reminded me of ramazotti or averna. clear on the palate, almost youthful, some alcoholic sharpness and still tannins mixed with grounded pepper, declining

2.2 domaine de la serriere – bacon, smoke, sulfites and ironoxydes, nose reminded me strongly of anchovies; later some dark berries showed up. loads of tannins on the palate, some sharpness, but the rest of the wine is still able to integrate the alcohol, drinks well

2.3 La charbonniere, caves mövenpick, en magnum – iron oxyde, but dominated by fruit here, then liquorice and dried herbs. creamy palate, quite easy drinking without sharpness or tannins, but at the same time with quite a masculine attitude. some ripe and juicy, crunchy bell pepper as well. harmonious wine, fun to drink

3rd flight

3.1 jean barrot, cuvee de hurlevent – pottage/gazpacho nose, lovage, later some toffee, rather thin nose although.still a wine with power, medium acidity, not very complex, but stays for a while on the palate

3.2 cuvee du boisdauphin – roasty, smoky nose, perfectly smelled like pimientos del piquillo. juicy, fresh and youthful palate with dark, concentrated berries and mild acidity.

3.3 domaine du pere caboche – strawberry-toffee and coke! almost no acidity, tasted like freshly squeezed strawberry juice, nice to drink

4th flight

4.1 domaine de cabrieres – clean, youthful, some sharpness, drink and forget.

4.2 chateau de la gardine – whipped cream and some malt again here. oxidyzed on the palate.

4.3 clos du mont olivet – ripe, juicy, expressive and youthful fruit, rolling merrily over tongue and palate but disappears too fast

5th flight

5.1 chateau maucoil – detergent with a citrussy flavour, elegantly mixed with madeira, nuts, figs and date, vibrant nose, but at first sip sharp, with a one-dimensional palate; develops with air and gathers some weight, especially the figs and dates are a great counterpart for the bitty acidity

5.2 chante-cigale – malt, iron, acidity were the dominant flavours i did not want to taste in this wine, disappointing.

5.3 elie armenier (domaine marcoux) – warm, with cranberries, blueberries and acidity on the nose; palate still on a high level with grip, tannins, clean and demanding, ambitious acidity

6th flight

6.1 domaine de mont redon – warm liquorice, lovage, graphite, floral notes and ripe fruit here, at least the nose was very promising. eye to eye the palate, well-integrated tannins, fruit and fun to drink for about half an hour, then declining

6.2 domaine de mont redon, en magnum – at least one level above than the mont redon from 1/1 bottle, far more elegant, dancing, with higher complexity and much more finesse, really began to show its superiority after ca. one hour and still developped on and on

6.3 domaine de mont redon “les brusquieres”, en magnum – camphor, metal, fresh blood on the nose for about half an hour, then the first signs of a huge wine: tingling herbal and floral scouts, then more and more earthy and spicy falvours, some metal still mixed up but more and more displaced by fresh mushrooms, graphite, kirsch, plums, cranberries, blackberries. fine structure, harmonious, needs lots of air to breathe, great wine, my secret wine of the night

7th flight

7.1 chateau de beaucastel – silex + slight brett, then razorblade sharp fruit, highly focussed, and leaving a creamy texture on the tongue and palate, tough wine!

7.2 chateau fortia tete de cru – cream and toffee here, very fruity with loads of strawberry and raspberry. not quite so on the palate, there’s more austerity, more tannin, more alcohol – could have some more flesh for me. looks like the wine begins to dry out, but ist still fun drinking, though

7.3 clos des papes – enormous nose, pure purple, flowers, cream, herbs, woodland strwaberries, blackberries, red fruit jelly with finest rum, this wine somehow was the quintessence of all the wines before, truly a monarch, or, a pope.

then we had some

– corked cabrieres 1980 – really a pity

– didinger, bopparder hamm beerenauslese 2007 – just wonderfully balanced, great stuff!

– dveri-pax, radbona, furmint auslese 2004 – not my cup of tea, odd, not harmonious, somewhat resinous

– didinger, bopparder hamm mandelberg * 2006 – apricot, peaches, mushrooms, white nougat, oily mouthfeeling

– leoville poyferre 1990 – musculuous and smooth, tobacco, plums, graphite, well-rounded, almost mellow mouthfeeling, a wine to fall in love with

– pichon baron 2002 – warm wine with vegetables, bell pepper and a smell of vitamin pillbox; harsh acidity at first sip, followed from a more concealing tannic structure and boasting cassis. very youthful, fun to drink for some, for me it’s too young